Hypno Town [NSFW]


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In version 0.1.4 is there any benifit to leveling up Hilda's and Mom's seduction levels? And if so how far do they have to go before anything even comes of it?

hello 5g condom in which character is used in version 0.1.3

that would be the assistant if you have it when you choose to fuck her in the bar.


The college and back alley are both innaccessible. Trying to enter them brings up a screen saying "'hilda_skull_quest' is not defined" and "'uinversity_open' is not defined"

Just a question, why is 1.3 taking so long to release publicly and nothing have been said about it?

Sorry about that, I tried to check the actual interest of audience in my game.

what is taking so long for the public 1.3 version 

I'm sorry, but you can always find last free updates on my patreon page.

Has promise. Here are some suggestions

Make it so hypnotising the girls actually DOES something(Other than the sex scenes). Maybe you can change their clothes after hypnotising them to a certain level, or, in the cases of Joy and Mallow, pay you more after a certain point.

Maybe make it so that there is an option to just hypnotise someone, and skip the scene. It's annoying having to go through all the scenes every time, and if you want to hypnotise someone, but dont want the scene (Like Cheren) it's even more annoying

Thanks for feedback!
I really like your idea about additional actions with hypnotising girl. But it hard to get what kind of actions it should be. I'm already started to implement the "costume change" feature.

I am also concerned about forced repeatability of hypnosis scenesespecially scenes with hypnosis of Lana and her Mom.They're too long). I will try to fix it. 

What about Gardevoir? Is it just a talkable NPC?

I think its still incomplete