Release of Ver.0.03(patron) and 0.02(public)

New version 0.03 changelog:

  • Text errors were fixed by editor
  • 2 new character + 1 secret at special version
  • 2 new locations
  • 2 new animated h-scenes(+1 scene at special version)
  • new quest with various dialogues
  • new pose for Hilda character
  • new game icon
  • save/load thumbnail's size fix
  • new quit screen
  • new main menu screen
  • new titles screen with patron's names

10$+ supporters can download ver.0.03 immediately here: 

20$ supporters can download ver.0.03 special here: 

5$ supporters can download ver.0.03 at april 12

Ver.0.02 was released for public. 

-All text errors were fixed by editor
-Character images were improved for Hilbert, Hilda, Hilda's mom, Nurse, Mallow, Tsareena.
-Main menu picture was replaced

You can download it at or!z0VwRAYK!cIODYCIT-IiAOSahO-v8AyVyUZ0cxiigojkwYzy0LEM  


HypnoTown-0.02b.rar 83 MB
Mar 25, 2018

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